Sellbrite's Dedicated Onboarding Team

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What you can expect once you subscribe to a plan with Sellbrite

Every new Sellbrite subscriber gets a dedicated Onboarding Manager!

How does it work?

Once you're subscribed to a Sellbrite plan, you'll get introduced to your dedicated Onboarding Manager by email. Within the email will be a link to schedule one-on-one appointments to help you review your data, learn the best workflow for your needs, and answer any remaining questions you have from your trial. 

Your Onboarding Manager has a list of set-up items to walk you through and will review these with you in a series of calls to get most of your critical set-up (also known as Onboarding) done. Most merchants complete their Onboarding within 2-3 calls. If you have a more complex workflow, you might need a few more. To check how many Onboarding calls are included with your plan, refer to our Pricing Page.

If you have questions about your setup, your Onboarding Manager will be happy to review it. If you're not sure about your next steps, they're here to help.

What should you do before your call?

1) If you haven't already, attend one of our Getting Started Webinars. Our team of Onboarding Managers does a live Q&A session after the webinar, too!

2) Review the Getting Started Checklist to ensure you have all the pieces to effectively work with your Onboarding Manager

3) Schedule your call and your Onboarding Manager will give you a ring to start the process!


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