Editing Product Attributes Manually

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This article will teach you how to edit both single products, and variation products, manually in Sellbrite.

**Looking for information on grouping variation products? Click here.**

Editing Single Products

If you need to edit the product data for a single product, go to the Inventory Manager.

Find the product you wish to edit, and click the product name.

You can make changes to your core product info, description, features, images, and variations.

You can also add or adjust the inventory for this product in the inventory section.


Editing Variation Products

Find the variation you wish to edit inside the Variations tab. Click the edit icon on the right hand side.

You are now on the variation level of this product. On the variation level, you can edit specific product data for each variation. You can also add/adjust inventory for each variation from the inventory section.


To learn how to edit product attributes in bulk, check out the following link: show me more


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  • Avatar
    Anson Christiansen

    Thanks, but then how do we push that change live to the listing?

  • Avatar
    Lynn Beach

    I have the same question as Chris. I added a variation, how do I push it to the listing already in the channel?

  • Avatar
    Austin Campbell

    You can't add a variation to a live listing. You have to delete the listing then create a whole new listing.