Adding Products Manually

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This article will teach you how to add a product manually in the Sellbrite interface.

The easiest way to add a new product in Sellbrite is through the interface. Here's how to do it:

1) Go to the Inventory Manager and click "Add Product"

2) Enter your product information

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)  and Product Name are required. It is highly encouraged to add a Price, Dimensions and Weight, and a Quantity, which will be your initial inventory for this product.

3) Enrich your product data

After saving from the last step, you will be presented with additional tabs for this product to add your Description, Features, and Images. 

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    Lisa McDonald

    what is a SKU?

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    Michael Ugino

    Hi Lisa, SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique code for every product you sell, so you can find it on your warehouse shelves. SKUs are often created by the manufacturer, but in many cases, are created by the seller themselves, but they must be unique for every product.

    For example, if you sell a particular hat in 3 sizes, the hat will have 3 SKUs, one for each size you sell. That way Sellbrite can sync inventory for each variation.

    For more on SKUs, read this blog post: