Release Notes - 3/12/15

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We've been bad about updating you on the details of each release, and that stops now. 

Today's release includes a number of fixes and updates. Key updates are highlighted in bold.


- Bigcommerce imports optimized to address slow speeds
- Categories now imported from Shopify and BC when creating products
- Dashboard sales chart now uses Open/Paid and Completed orders only
- There is now a confirmation modal when deleting variations
- Warning now given on Edit Product page when creating duplicate Amazon listings
- "Last Modified" date now default sorts to most recently modified
- Fixed flashing error messages on Edit Product > Inventory tab
- Scrollbar added to Inventory Transaction History
- Fixed missing fields on eBay listing builder mapping
- Fixed bug that duplicated eBay variations when SKUs were added existing variations
- Fixed product link on Bigcommerce listings page


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