What is eBay listing "Error 240" and how can I get past it?

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When trying to create a listing on eBay, specific errors can sometimes appear that hinder the listing from publishing.

eBay Error 240 is returned to the listing in Sellbrite, directly from eBay, telling us that "The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy."

While this is specific to description given in the error, there actually can be a multitude of reasons as to why eBay is returning Error 240.

Here are some of the possible reasons why eBay may be returning this error:

1) You're a new eBay Seller

If you're a new eBay seller, you actually must create your first listing through your eBay account itself. This means that you cannot create your first eBay listing in Sellbrite, or this error will return.

2) Your Seller Account does not have enough positive feedback

If you're a new eBay seller, you need to make sure you've generated enough positive feedback in order to use a listing application like Sellbrite. Otherwise, you may see this error returned due to not enough established positive feedback for your seller account.

3) You have improper/prohibited eBay terms in your listing

Certain text in the listing may violate an eBay policy, causing the error to return. These problematic terms can be singular or a combination of terms, whether located in the listing title and/or description. Sellbrite unfortunately is not able to determine where these problematic terms may live in the listing, so you'll need to try removing some terms in the title and/or description and then try publishing the listing. If the listing goes through after an adjustment in the title, you then know some terminology in the title was causing this error.

Following are examples of text known to cause a 240 error when used in the  title field, item description, payment instructions or return policy:  


like new (use 'slightly used' instead)  

"from Burma"  

money order  

cheque, check  




mint condition  





"kit" or "w/ case" (only works if bundled items are included)

4) Your selling limit may have been reached

You may have reached your selling limit for your eBay account, whether relating to the total number of items you can list or total $ amount of your listings. If this is the case, you may want to contact eBay support to increase your selling threshold.

5) Your Seller Account may require acceptance of new eBay terms

You may need to go into your eBay Seller Account and accept new selling terms and conditions.

6) You are trying to Auction an item with a quantity higher '1'

Auctions in eBay cannot be listed with a quantity higher than '1'. Make sure your quantity for Auction Listings is set to '1' and nothing else, in order for the listing to publish.

7) Use of email address and/or '@' anywhere in your listing

eBay does not allow email addresses to be visible anywhere in your listing, even including the Return Policy section. Make sure you don't have your email address visible in your listing and/or any '@' symbols.

8) Incorrect 'Category' assignment

Make sure the product you're trying to list is assigned to the correct "Primary Category" in eBay. Sellbrite is pretty good at making "category suggestions" when you first begin the listing process, but just make sure this is assigned appropriately.


These are some of the more common reasons why eBay returns Listing Error 240.


PLEASE NOTE: eBay is responsible for returning these "Listing Errors", Sellbrite just relays the errors given from eBay. If you're unable to find the answer to your problem in this article, there may be more information available on this subject by simply searching Google for "eBay Error 240."

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