Can I edit/update my live listings in bulk?

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You can bulk update your listings in Sellbrite by applying a Listing Preset to the live listings. Listing Presets can help you update anything from a title, to imagery, prices, specs and features, even the custom HTML template you use on your sales channel.

In the top of the Listing Manager you'll find a button to "Apply Preset".


This allows you to choose a Listing Preset to apply to these listings. The Listing Preset pulls various information from the Product Catalog, depending on the Channel.

For example, the eBay Listing Preset grabs LOTS of things from your products:


By re-applying a Listing Preset to live eBay listings, you could update your Listing title and template HTML, your pricing rules (say perhaps you wanted to lower prices by 5% on select listings), shipping options and listing preferences.

If you added new images into the Product Catalog, re-applying your Listing Preset would pull in those new images to the listings as well.

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