How can I give feedback & submit support tickets?

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There are multiple ways to give feedback and submit tickets. Regardless of which method you choose, please be sure to include a SKU, Listing ID, page URL, or other identifier so we know where to look!

If you click the Screenshot tab, you'll be presented with a pallet of options to mark up the screen and highlight what you want us to see.

You have a pen, a sticky note, and a highlight box to play with!! Please use this option if you get errors or have something in particular you want us to help explain:

Make sure you enter your email address in the box so we know who you are and can reply, and leave any comments in the comment field.

The second way is through our Intercom. Click the ? on the bottom right to open a chat window with us.

Note: this is not realtime chat, but we usually will answer within an hour.

The last way to leave feedback is by creating a direct ticket. This is best for longer inquiries, and can be done by finding the Resource Guide on the Dashboard, and clicking the Rapid Support link. Rapid Support inquiries will typically get you the fastest response.

  ...will take you here:  

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