How do I sell a product that is not currently on Amazon?




  • Nelson Yip

    Hi Michael,

    Any updates on creating new listing on amazon?

  • Michael Ugino

    Hey Nelson,

    No new updates. We'll be sure to send out a major product announcement when that functionality is ready.

  • Bianca M

    This is exactly what we need. Can't wait to have this feature!

  • Chris DiPasquale

    this is really a critical feature to have. i have already spent hours loading my product into a data base.

  • Michael Ugino

    Hi Chris,

    I know it's critical, we're actually going to prioritize this for the very near future, as it's certainly something that would be of great value. Please stand by for some updates from us as we get closer, and thanks for your patience! :)

  • Chris DiPasquale

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the response. This is the main reason I am trying your product.

  • allan weston

    Hi, any updates on this? Thanks!

  • Stuart Cohen

    Hi, if this product doesn't handle brand registry products on Amazon, it's of very limited use to me. What is your target date for enabling this function?

  • Michael Ugino

    Hello Stuart,

    We do not give out ETAs for new features or channels, but hopefully no more than another couple months. We've already built much of the necessary groundwork for this feature. I'm sorry we cannot have it ready for you sooner!

  • Dan Valentine

    Two years later... How are we coming?

  • Jorge Galvez

    Any update on this amazing feature?

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