How do I create a Sellbrite category?

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Sellbrite categories are used for organizing your products.

There are 3 different ways to create a category:

1) On the product catalog, you can select a product, choose the category dropdown, and create a new category on the spot to assign that product to.

2) Go to Settings > Application Settings > Product Categories. Type the name of your new Sellbrite category there.

3) Create a category when importing product data via CSV file by filling the category_name column. You'll need to make sure the checkbox is enabled during import to "create new categories from file".

While optional, we recommend creating categories to make it easier to select products for listing and reporting. It is best to be specific, such as using the channel categories in which you list your products.

For example, if you sell shoes for a toddler, "Shoes" would not be an ideal category name, as your eBay category will drill down as follows: 

Clothing, Shoes & Accesories > Baby & Toddler Clothing > Baby Shoes

Thus, something like "Baby Shoes" or "Toddler Shoes" would be much better!

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