Templates & Recipes Overview

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This article will explain how Templates & Recipes make creating and managing listings fast and efficient.

Templates & Recipes enable you to create and update listings quickly and effectively from Sellbrite. 


Templates are a saved set of options and settings for listings on a particular sales channel. By saving your settings and options on a Template in advance, you can apply the template, and all of its pre-saved settings, to easily create or modify your listings. Once applied, Templates get saved with the listing, so any changes made to a Template will automatically update the listings that have the Template applied.

Templates offer an automated way to update your listings when the product data in your inventory changes.

This means if you make a change to a product name, description, or any other product attribute that is used in a Template, the listings with that Template will be automatically updated with the changes made to the attributes.


Recipes are a collection of channel-specific Templates (the ingredients of the recipe) used to quickly build listings from your inventory. Recipes can be applied to your listings during the creation process, allowing you to leverage multiple templates at once.

Further, Recipes are powerful because you have the option to assign them to Sellbrite product categories. This means every product in that category will use the assigned recipe (and templates within it) when listed on a channel. When adding brand new products to your inventory, the products can be quickly listed the moment you assign them to a Sellbrite category.

To learn more about creating Templates & Recipes, click here.

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