Creating Custom Attributes

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This article will explain how Custom Attributes are created and managed.

Custom Attributes allow you to add additional, item-specific data to the standard Sellbrite product catalog. You can create Custom Attributes by going to Settings > Application Settings.

You must first create the attribute on this page before you can begin populating data for each item. To create the attribute, simply type in the attribute name, and click '+ Add'.

Within each individual product, Custom Attributes are hidden until you add a value. To add a value, go to your Edit Product page for the item you wish to update, and find the Custom Attribute tab. Then, select your attribute from the dropdown.

Once you add a value to the attribute and save, the value will appear. 

Bulk Editing

Editing attributes in bulk is super simple with the Products CSV. When you export your Product data from Sellbrite, Custom Attributes will each have their own column added to the right side of the export.

Simply populate the values for each Custom Attribute you wish to fill, then import the data back into Sellbrite from Settings > Import Data > Products.

Special Uses

Custom Attributes can be leveraged to store additional data beyond simply item specifics. Here are a list of uses for Custom Attributes to better merchandise your listings and manage your data:

  • Secondary category field for easier CSV management.
  • notes field for any purpose (inventory, product line, supplier note, etc.)
  • Additional condition notes for your team
  • Designated fields for return policy, shipping policy, etc. for inserting into in dynamic descriptions
  • Channel-specific listing titles
  • Hosted image URLs for inserting additional product images into your description
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