Creating Templates & Recipes

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This article will explain how to create Templates & Recipes in Sellbrite.

To create or edit your Templates & Recipes, go to Settings > Application Settings.

Templates can also be accessed from the top of your Listings Manager:

Within each template, you can define your listing settings and map product attributes to item specifics for your listings. If you have added Custom Attributes to your Inventory, those can also be utilized in your item-specific mappings.

To learn more about mapping attributes on a template, click here.

To access your Recipes, use the Recipes tab on the top of the Templates & Recipes page in Settings. Click '+ Add New Recipe' to create a Recipe from your Templates.

Building a Recipe is easy! It simply requires selecting the Templates (ingredients of the Recipe) you wish to save together. This Recipe will be used to quickly build listings from your inventory.

Next, you have the option to assign that Recipe to one or more product categories in Sellbrite. This is highly recommended if your listings for a given category of products use the same settings and share the same product condition.

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