Connecting Your Jet Account to Sellbrite

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This article will teach you how to connect your Jet account to Sellbrite.

Connecting Your Account

Connecting your Jet account is super simple. Just go to the Settings tab and select Sales Channel Integrations on the left.


If you already have channels added, first select the Connect a New Channel button. Otherwise, simply select Jet from the list of channels.


Next, you'll need to login to the Jet Partner Portal and go to API, where you will then copy and paste your Jet API User ID and Secret into the corresponding fields in Sellbrite.


After you've entered your Jet API User ID and Secret, select Connect your Account to connect Jet to Sellbrite. Once connected, Sellbrite will automatically begin importing your Jet listings into Sellbrite, as well as any Jet orders you've had over the past 90 days.

One thing to note is that when you first connect Jet to Sellbrite, you will next need to map your Jet Fulfillment Nodes to your Sellbrite Warehouse Locations. You can learn how to map your Jet Fulfillment Nodes to your Sellbrite Warehouse Locations here.

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