Amazon FBA Orders and Your Sellbrite Subscription

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This article will explain how Sellbrite's integration with Amazon FBA impacts your subscription plan and pricing.

Sellbrite offers a powerful 2-way integration with Amazon FBA, allowing merchants to leverage their FBA inventory to grow sales on other channels. To learn more about what Sellbrite 's FBA integration offers, click here.

How do Amazon FBA orders affect my plan?

All orders that come into Sellbrite are counted toward your plan's order threshold. This includes Amazon orders that are Fulfilled By Amazon.

Why are these orders counted toward my plan's order threshold?

Sellbrite offers the powerful ability to activate your FBA inventory on non-Amazon channels, so you can expand your reach and generate greater return on your inventory. Sellbrite also makes it simple to automate the multi-channel fulfillment of non-Amazon orders with FBA, making the process of leveraging your Amazon FBA inventory fully automatic. 

The more orders you process on Amazon with FBA, the greater the number of inventory transactions that must be tracked in Sellbrite in order to ensure your FBA quantities are accurate on other channels and you don't oversell.

In addition, having your FBA orders in Sellbrite means you can get a more accurate view of what's selling where via Sellbrite's Sales by Time and Sales by SKU reports.

How can I exclude Amazon FBA orders from my plan?

If you aren't ready to use your FBA inventory to generate sales on other channels or are concerned about your high volume of Amazon FBA orders making your plan too expensive, there are 3 options that you can consider:

Option 1 - Disconnect Amazon from Sellbrite

The simplest way to exclude orders from Sellbrite is to remove your channel integration. This has obvious limitations, but will prevent any Amazon orders from entering Sellbrite once the channel is removed.

If you've already imported your product catalog from Amazon and simply want to use Sellbrite to sell on other channels, this may be a viable option for you.

Option 2 - Disable FBA integration in Settings

If you have significant Amazon FBA volume but aren't ready to use FBA inventory on other channels just yet, you can disable FBA within Settings > Service Integrations. Doing this will keep FBA orders and inventory out of Sellbrite.

Option 3 - Switch to an FBA-Free plan

If you wish to maintain FBA connectivity to extend your business and grow sales outside of Amazon, we offer special plans that allow full FBA integration but exclude FBA orders from billing. These plans are designed for high volume FBA sellers doing more than 3,000 Amazon orders per month and offer higher thresholds for MF and MCF orders than our regular offering.

To speak with a Product Specialist about our FBA-free plans, please send us a message.

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