How to Comply with eBay's New Link Policy

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This article will teach you how to comply with eBay's new link policy.

eBay has recently introduced a couple of listing policy updates to communications, allowable links and secure content within eBay listing descriptions. These policy changes will take full effect as of October 15th, 2017. Please read through and use this article to ensure your eBay listing descriptions are updated for any of the scenarios mentioned.


Contact Information in your Descriptions

If you have non-permitted contact information in your descriptions, you will need to remove any contact information from your listings. To remove any contact information, either go to the Title & Description section of each eBay listing in Sellbrite, if you don't use a Template, to remove any non-permitted contact information...


...or go to your Title & Description Template and remove the non-permitted contact information from your template. This will update any listings your template is already applied to, or you can apply this template to other eBay listings to update them in bulk.




Confirming your Listings are Compliant

Once you have made the necessary changes to your descriptions, you can confirm your listings are compliant by following the link you received in eBay's "View Listings with Policy Violations" message. You should see a count of zero when your listings are 100% compliant.


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