Walmart Variation Swatches

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This article will teach you how to edit your Walmart listings from Sellbrite.

Walmart allows sellers to add Variation Swatches to their variation listings, to better help a buyer in Walmart visually identify and select a product.


Walmart Variation Swatches in Sellbrite can be added to a specific listing individually, or mapped from a Walmart Category Template.

Adding Swatches to your Walmart Listings Individually

Variation Swatches can be added to your Walmart listings individually.

To add a swatch to a specific variation, find and open the variation listing in the Listings page of Sellbrite and go to the Category section in the Edit Listing page.Screen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_5_28_29_PM__2_.png

Once in the Category section, select the Variant Attribute Name you want to upload a swatch for and simply upload the image of the swatch from your computer.


If you don't have an image to upload but do have the URL of the swatch you want to add, you can also scroll down this same page until you find Swatch Image URL and Swatch Variant Attribute. However, in order to enter the swatch URL and select the variant attribute the swatch is for, you cannot not have a Category Template applied to this listing.


Whether you've uploaded a Swatch from your computer or added a Swatch URL, be sure to then select Save & Publish at the top of the page, so your Swatch is published out to Walmart.



Adding Swatches using a Category Template

Variation Swatches can also be added to your Variation Listings, using a Walmart Category Template. Using a Category Template is by far the easiest and quickest way to add swatches to your Walmart Listings.

To add swatches using a Category Template, go to the Listing Templates & Recipes section of your connected Walmart channel. You can either Edit an existing Category Template or Add a new one.


Once you've clicked into a Category Template and have selected a category, scroll down the page until you find Swatch Image Url and Swatch Variant Attribute.


Next to both Swatch Image URL and Swatch Variant Attribute, you'll see two options.

Mapping Values from your Inventory

The first option allows you to map the Swatch URL and Swatch Attribute from values in your Inventory, represented by the "Please select" dropdown. For Swatch Image URL, you can create a Custom Attribute, allowing you to input image URL's directly into your inventory using a "Swatch Image URL" Custom Attribute.



You'll next map the Swatch Variant Attribute to a value from your inventory. In most cases, you'll map this option to a specific variation value from your inventory, like Color.



Once your values are mapped using the dropdown, be sure to Save your template. If you've edited an existing Walmart Category Template that is already applied to listings, the new Swatch mappings made in this template will automatically update the listings the template is already applied to. If you've created a new template with these Swatch mappings, you can expect the Image URL and Variant Attribute to map from your inventory whenever you apply this template to existing or new Walmart Listings.

Inputting Values Directly

The second option in the Walmart Category Template for Swatches allows you to directly input one Image URL and select a Walmart Category Specific as the Swatch Variant Attribute. This option is mainly available if you don't want to map values from your inventory and would rather input a Swatch Image URL and Swatch Variant Attribute directly into a Walmart Category Template.

To do this, simply paste the Image URL into the Swatch Image URL field and select a Walmart Category Specific from the Swatch Variant Attribute dropdown in the third column.



By inputting your Swatch Values directly into a Category Template, anytime that Category Template is applied to a Walmart Listing, the listing will use the one and only Image URL entered as the Swatch for the listing, regardless if the Swatch accurately represents the Option for that variation listing. Only use this option if your Category Templates are going to be applied to a specific variation color, size, etc.


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