Introducing Templates & Recipes: a smarter way to create and manage listings

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Sellbrite is introducing a brand new way to create, update, and automate your interaction with listings. This new workflow, built around the concepts of Templates & Recipes, will launch first on the eBay channel and be rolled out to other channels over the course of the next few months. 


Templates are a saved set of options and settings for listings on a particular sales channel, and are the backbone of this new workflow. Similar to Listing Presets, Templates are used to easily create or modify listings, except that Templates get saved with each listing, so any changes made to a Template will automatically update the listings that have the Template applied.

Listing Presets are being phased out. They will still be viewable in Settings after Templates & Recipes are launched, but you will no longer be able to apply them to your eBay listings. The Listing Builder will go away entirely.

Templates now offer you an automated way to control your listings by updating product data directly in your inventory.

This means if you make a change to a product name, description, or any other product attribute that is used in a Template, the listings with that Template will be automatically updated with the changes made to the attributes.

Because Templates get saved in the listing, you can easily search and filter your listings by the Templates that are applied to them. 

Templates are created on the Settings page, and they allow you to pre-define all of your listing settings and map product attributes to item specifics on your listings. There are multiple templates for each channel, including 5 different Templates for your eBay channel: Title & Description, Category & Format, Pricing & Quantity, Shipping, Payment & Returns.

Templates can be applied during the listing process, or they can be applied to live listings. 


Recipes are a collection of channel-specific Templates (the ingredients of the recipe) used to quickly build listings from your inventory. 

Recipes are powerful because they can be assigned to product categories. That means every product in that category will use the assigned recipe (and templates within it) when you list those products on a channel. The listing process is cut down to just selecting your products and clicking 'Create Listing'.


Custom Attributes

Now, you can store ALL of your product data in Sellbrite, thanks to the introduction of Custom Attributes.

Custom Attributes allow you to add product data that isn't natively supported in Sellbrite, so it can be used to improve and enrich your listings.

For example, if you're a jeweler and want to store a value for Stone, Carat, and Metal, now you can create those attributes in Sellbrite and populate them for each product. Once created, Custom Attributes will also appear in your Product CSV, so you can easily populate them in bulk.

Custom Attributes can be used within your Templates, so you can map them to item specifics in your listings, improving their appearance in search and conversion rate.

The Category & Format Template lets you choose an eBay category and map all of your item specifics to the category specifics offered by that category. Any time this template is used, Sellbrite will know where to put all of your data for that eBay category, eliminating this work during the listing process.

With Custom Attributes, now you can truly take advantage of all of the category specifics offered for your eBay listings.


Easy Bulk Updates

By storing the Template with each listing, it's now easier than ever to update your settings for select listings.

Want to make changes to your eBay listing titles, but don't want to edit the current name of your product in your Sellbrite inventory? Easy!

Create a Custom Attribute for 'eBay Listing Title', and populate it through the interface, or in bulk using the Products CSV. Then, edit your Title & Description Template by finding this Custom Attribute in the Insert Product Tags dropdown for your eBay Title field.

Now, any listings that use this Template will get updated, automatically, using your new Custom Attribute as the eBay title.

No more Listing Builder

With Recipes and Templates, you can now create and publish listings from the Selling Manager with one click. Your data will already know exactly where to go, based on the assignments of your Templates, and bulk updating and managing your listings is easier than ever before.

These changes will go live soon for the eBay channel in your Sellbrite account, and will be rolled out to more channels over the next several months. As always, contact your dedicated Success Manager, or email with any questions!

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    Jennifer Curtis

    So will the templates feature work for pulling in listing condition NOTES from USED Amazon FBA Inventory to push out to other channels?

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    Cory Pyscher

    When is this going live? Cant wait!