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This article will take you step by step through how to perform Order Testing during the Onboarding process for

The Onboarding process involves testing the order fulfillment and cancelation process with your third party software (Sellbrite).

Order Testing

Order Testing involves creating 2 test orders in Walmart. One of these orders will be canceled immediately in Sellbrite. The second order will be "fake shipped" from Sellbrite, and then refunded in Sellbrite.

1) Prepare Order Items

Step one is to log into Walmart Seller Center. You'll notice you currently have 0 PUBLISHED items.

We're about to change this. Click on the Dropdown for your Launch Checklist, and click "Complete Item & Order Testing".

This will take you to a new page, where you'll have the ability to publish items for testing. Select 2 items from your list (it can be any 2 items).

You're going to want to update the price and inventory for these 2 items. Walmart requires test items be under $20, so we recommend simply updating both items to $5. You're going to need 2 units of each item for your test orders, so also update the Inventory quantity of each to 2. You can set the Fulfillment time for both items to 1 day.

Once this is complete, you should be able to see a new Action next to each product: "Publish Item". Go ahead and publish both products to Walmart.

Once your products are Published, this will be reflected in the Status column. You can now create test orders for your products.

2) Create Test Orders

Using the 'Purchase Item' action on the right, create 2 separate orders. Each order should contain 1 unit of each SKU.

The shipping method you choose does not matter, nor does it matter if there is tax for your order. Since you'll be canceling one of these orders outright, and the other order will be refunded completely, you'll simply refund any shipping or tax charges incurred when the time comes.

3) First Order Scenario: Cancel Before Shipment

Back in Sellbrite, click into one of your test orders. The first test scenario is to simply cancel this order, before it ships.

If you just received the order, it's possible the 'Cancel Items' button hasn't appeared yet. You can click 'Refresh' on the order, and it should appear. This action is dependent on Walmart acknowledging that Sellbrite has received the order, so it can take up to 20 minutes or so for the button to appear on its own.

Once you click Cancel Items, you'll simply need to tell Sellbrite which items you wish to cancel. In this case, cancel them both:

This will take a minute or so to process in your Walmart Seller Center, but you'll want to login and confirm the cancelation. Just go to your Order Dashboard and find the order you canceled. It should show a 'Canceled' status next to each order item.

4) Second Order Scenario: Refund After Shipment

Back in Sellbrite, click into the second test order. You're going to 'Fake Ship' this order, then cancel it with a refund. The first step is to mark it as shipped:

To 'Fake Ship' an order, simply enter a VALID tracking number for the order. You do not need to create a new label for this shipment, any old tracking number will suffice.

Once complete, you'll need to wait for Walmart to acknowledge the shipment. This should only take a minute or so, but much like the "Cancel Items" button from before, it may take a bit longer for the "Refund Items" button to appear after Walmart's acknowledgment. Simply click "Refresh" on the order and the button will appear sooner.

You'll want to refund all charges associated with the order, including selling price, shipping charges, and any item tax or shipping tax associated with the order.

You'll also need to select the reason for the refund. For this scenario, you can simply choose "Billing Error".

Once saved, the refund should post immediately to Walmart. Check your order dashboard again to confirm the action was successful. You will notice the status of both order items is still Shipped, but the value of the order should be $0:

5) Complete Order Testing

That's it! Now simply click "Mark as Done" on the Order Testing page in your Walmart Seller Center, and change your pricing back on the items you tested.

Walmart will receive a notice that your account is ready to be launched and the rest of the process should happen automatically within a few days.

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