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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Sellbrite support variation listings for Walmart?

A: Yes, Sellbrite does support the publication of variation listings to Walmart. Variations will appear as separate rows in your Walmart Listings Manager (just like how they appear for Amazon), but they will be properly grouped on Walmart.


Q: Can I list products to Walmart that aren't already in the Walmart catalog?

A: Yes. If your products are not currently being sold on Walmart, you are able to add them to Walmart's product catalog directly from Sellbrite. 


Q: My listings have been publishing to Walmart for a long time. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Keep in mind Walmart can sometimes take hours or days to process listing data. Typically, listings for products that don’t already exist in Walmart’s catalog will take longer than those that do. 


Q: Can I use Amazon FBA to fulfill my Walmart orders?

A: Walmart does not want sellers using FBA to fulfill orders, and Walmart's system won't accept any Amazon Logistics tracking info (codes beginning with "TBA-"). Walmart can suspend your selling privileges if they find out you are using FBA. Instead, we recommend you use Deliverr to fulfill your Walmart orders.


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