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Correcting Walmart Product-Listing Mismatches
Correcting Walmart Product-Listing Mismatches

Better understand why your products are mismatched on Walmart and how to prevent it.

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If you've noticed products appearing under incorrect listings on, you're not alone. These mismatches often occur when certain products are listed as kits or due to discrepancies with their UPC, GTIN, or EAN.

Walmart relies on a product's UPC or EAN to match it with the correct listing on In some cases, vendors provide inaccurate data to Walmart, either by using a false UPC or by typing it incorrectly.


First, confirm your UPC is valid and accurate. If it is, it's likely that another seller has listed the product with an incorrect UPC. In such cases, we advise that you open a case with Walmart support.

Another cause is when a seller lists an item as part of a kit or bundle. Currently, Walmart allows only one listing per UPC and does not support kits that use a single UPC. For example, if two SKUs share the same UPC and one SKU is a single unit while the other is part of a kit, Walmart will only route one of your SKUs to their listing for that UPC (typically the single unit).

If you're listing kitted SKUs on Walmart that use the same UPC as a single unit, you're likely to encounter a mismatch. Additionally, Sellbrite doesn't currently support kitting and bundling, so you may already be experiencing issues.

Note that Walmart is aware of this issue and is actively working on a solution

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