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How do I duplicate a listing?
How do I duplicate a listing?

Learn how to duplicate existing listings with Sellbrite

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Sellbrite allows you duplicate your listings, which is especially if you have multiple accounts with the same marketplace connected to your account. For example, if you have two eBay stores, you can easily duplicate a listing from one store to another. You cannot duplicate a listing between two different marketplaces.

Additionally, you can duplicate a listing no matter the listing state. Whether your listing is Out of Stock, Ended, Hidden, etc., it can easily be duplicated. You can also duplicate multiple listings at a time.

NOTE: All duplicate listings are created as Drafts and will still need to be published.

To duplicate a listing, navigate to the Listings tab and select your sales channel. Click on the checkbox for the listing you want to duplicate, then click the "Duplicate" button.

Once you click "Duplicate", a pop-up will appear notifying you that your duplicate will be created as a draft. You will also have the option to select which store you want your listing duplicated to (if you have multiple).

Click "OK" and your duplicate listing will automatically be created.

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