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How to Use Walmart Shipping Templates
How to Use Walmart Shipping Templates

Learn how to use Walmart Shipping Templates

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Shipping Templates are created directly on Walmart. To create a new Shipping Template, sign into your Walmart account and navigate to Settings > Shipping Profile > Shipping Templates.

Each Walmart account will have one "Default" shipping template. This template can be edited directly from the Walmart Shipping Templates page, but it cannot be deleted. By default, all new listings are added to this template.

Custom templates can be created directly within Walmart by clicking the "+ New Template" button on the Shipping Templates page.

Once you create your Shipping Templates and Fulfillment Centers in Walmart, they will appear in both your Walmart Edit Listings page under the "Shipping" tab and in your Walmart Shipping Templates.

NOTE: Walmart limits the number of custom Shipping Templates to 15.

If you create a new Shipping Template or Fulfillment Center in Walmart and don't see it available in Sellbrite, simply click "Refresh profiles." This will prompt Sellbrite to import any new Shipping Templates into the system.

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