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Re-list ended eBay listings
Re-list ended eBay listings

Learn how to re-list ended eBay listings

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Re-listing an ended eBay listing is super easy.. Simply navigate to your eBay Listings Manager and click on the "Ended" tab.

You can re-list your ended listings in bulk by selecting multiple listings at once and clicking the "Relist" button. You can do also follow this process for individual listings.

A prompt will appear, asking if you would like to make changes to your listings, or re-list them now.

If you click "Make changes first", Sellbrite will move your ended listings into your Drafts tab, where you can edit them before re-listing them to eBay.

If you click "Relist now", Sellbrite will re-list your listings exactly as they are.

eBay will automatically remove any ended listings from their system if they are over 90 days old. If you attempt to re-list an ended listing that has been removed, eBay will return an error in Sellbrite that reads:

"It looks like you are trying to re-list an item that ended more than 90 days ago. Navigate to this item's product page and create a new listing from there."

If you encounter this error, you will need to build new listings from the All Products page.

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