Locating your sales channel IDs

Learn how to locate account IDs for your various sales channels.

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If you tried to connect one of your sales channels and received this message, "Whoops - That channel is already connected to another Sellbrite account" this means your channel is already connected to a different Sellbrite account.

A Sellbrite support agent can remove the channel for you by searching the account ID, but finding these IDs can be tricky depending on the sales channel.

Locate your Google Shopping Account ID

Locating your Google Shopping account ID is super easy. Simply log into you Google Merchant Center and it will be located in the top-right corner of this page, next to your account information.

Locate your Amazon Merchant Token

Log into your Amazon Seller Central and click on "Settings."

From the Settings page, click on "Merchant Token." This will take you directly to a page displaying your Amazon Merchant Token.

Locate your Etsy Shop ID

Locating your Etsy Shop ID is a little unintuitive. You will first want to log out of your Etsy account or open an incognito window.

Enter your shop URL in the browser's address bar (example: etsy.com/shop/briteseller).

Next, hover your cursor over the "Contact" button and you will see a URL appear in the bottom-left corner of your browser.

Your Etsy Shop ID will be the string of numbers found at the end of this URL.

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