Editing Walmart Listings

Learn how to edit your active Walmart listings from Sellbrite

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Walmart listings can be accessed from directly within Sellbrite, allowing you to make the changes or updates necessary without ever having to log back into your Walmart account.

Editing Walmart Listings In Bulk

Sellbrite allows you to edit your Etsy listings in bulk using Templates (learn more about Templates, here)

Walmart Listing Templates can be found by navigating to Settings > Listing Templates & Recipes. From this page, select Walmart and you will be able to create new Templates or edit existing ones.

If you already have Templates applied to your active Walmart listings, you can simply make changes to your Templates, and those changes will be automatically updated for all the listings containing that Template.

For example, if you need to make adjustments to your fulfillment time, you can do so by opening your "Options" Template and adjusting your fulfillment time from this page.

Save your Template and you will be notified of how many listings your changes will apply to. Confirm these changes by clicking "Yes, save & publish changes."

If your listings do not have Templates applied to them, you can apply Walmart Listing Templates to your listings from the Listings Manager page.

Editing Walmart Listings Individually

If you only want to make changes to a handful of Walmart listings, you can make those changes directly in the Edit Listing page.

From this page you can make changes to your listing information manually, then click "Save & Publish." If the fields in your listings are grayed out/locked, that is because you have Templates applied to your listing. To learn more about why your listing fields lock and how to get around this, check out this video.

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