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Fixing your disconnected eBay account
Fixing your disconnected eBay account

Learn how to reconnect your eBay account if it becomes disconnected from Sellbrite

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If your eBay account has become disconnect from Sellbrite, it is likely due to a disruption that occurred outside of Sellbrite. Typically this happens when your eBay password is changed, or when you attempt to renew your eBay token while logged into a different eBay seller account in your browser.

To reconnect:

  1. Log out of your eBay seller account in your browser

  2. Open an Incognito browser tab.

  3. Click "Connect a New Channel"

  4. Click "Connect" under eBay

  5. Follow the connection instructions

NOTE: Do not delete your disconnected eBay channel. From the "Connect a New Channel" page, eBay will already appear connected. Click the "Connect" button anyway.

When finished, you'll be redirected back to your Sales Channel Integrations page and you'll find your eBay channel reconnected.

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