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Update Marketplace Listings
Update Marketplace Listings

Learn how to update your marketplace listings using Sellbrite for Shopify

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NOTE: If you are trying to update listing images, click here to learn how.

There are a few ways you can update your existing listings, but the method you choose will largely depend on how your listings are already built. It will also depending on what it is you are trying to update.

You can update your listings manually by opening an Edit Listing page and making the necessary adjustments, then click "Save & Publish." However, this is not the most efficient way to update your listings.

If your listings were built using Templates, you can simply update your product information in Sellbrite, which will automatically update in your marketplace listings. Click here to learn more about Templates.

For example, if your listings contain a Title & Description Template, you can simply edit your product's title or description from the product page in Shopify and click "Save." This change will automatically update the product in Sellbrite prompt Sellbrite to begin updating the listing(s) is linked to this product.

If you need to update your prices, you will want to make sure your listings have a Pricing Template applied to them, or that you have Price Sync enabled. Using either one of these features will also allow you to update your listing prices by simply updating your product prices in Sellbrite.

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