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Connect Your Marketplaces
Connect Your Marketplaces

Learn how to connect your marketplaces accounts to Sellbrite for Shopify

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When you first sign up for Sellbrite for Shopify, you will be directed to the Connect a New Sales Channel page. From here, you can simply click on the "Connect" button for marketplace you want to connect to Sellbrite.

The connection process will vary depending on the marketplace you choose, but for the most part you will just need to provide your login credentials.

Channels like Walmart will require you to provide your Client ID and Client secret. To connect Google Shopping you'll need to provide your Google Merchant ID.

Once a marketplace account is connected, Sellbrite will automatically begin importing all of your existing listings from that marketplace.

If you need to connect another marketplace down the road, you can easily do so by navigating to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations > Connect a New Channel. Click the "Connect" button for the channel you'd like to connect to Sellbrite and follow the instructions.

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