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How To Sign Up For Google Merchant Center
How To Sign Up For Google Merchant Center

Learn how to sign up for Google Merchant Center

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If you have a Google account and are unsure of how to set up your merchant center before getting connected with Sellbrite, follow the instructions below.

If you don't have a Google account (like Gmail), go to and click "Create account." When you’re ready, go to Merchant Center and sign in with your Google account to get started.

1. Provide your business information

The first thing you will need to do is enter your business information. This information will be used across Merchant Center and you will only have to enter this information once.

  • Add where your business is registered as the “Business address," and the time zone will automatically fill based on the country you choose.

  • Your business name can be your business’s name, your website’s name, or your store name. Remember: The name you enter as your business name will be used as your Merchant Center account name, and users will see this name across Google.

2. Choose where you want your customers to check out

Select the checkout options that apply to your business. You can change the selection at a later time in your Merchant Center account.

  • On your website: Customers see your product listing on Google and go to your website to buy

  • On Google: Customers see your product listing on Google and buy without leaving Google. Customers can still check out on your website even if checkout on Google is available for your product listings.

3. Choose your management platforms

Linking your account to these platforms will associate your Merchant Center account with that third-party platform. This allows Google to provide you better services and can help simplify the setup process for your Merchant Center account. You can add more tools and integrations at any time.

4. Choose your email preferences

This will simply allow you to opt in or out of emails from Google about best practices or invitations to test new features. Once you’ve read and accepted the Terms of Service, and your account will be ready.

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