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Connecting WooCommerce & Installing the Sellbrite Plugin
Connecting WooCommerce & Installing the Sellbrite Plugin

Learn how to install the Sellbrite WordPress plugin and connect your WooCommerce account to Sellbrite

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To connect your WooCommerce account to Sellbrite, navigate to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations, then click "Connect a New Channel."

From the channel connection page, scroll down to the Shopping Carts section and select WooCommerce.

Click "Download Plugin."

This will redirect you to Sellbrite's WordPress plugin page. Click "Download."

(Alternatively, you can also search "Sellbrite" from the WordPress plugin page to get here.)

Next, from your WordPress admin settings, navigate to the "Plugins" page and click "Upload Plugin."

This will take you to the plugin upload page. Click "Choose File" and select the Sellbrite plugin you previously downloaded. Then click "Install now."

Once the Sellbrite plugin has finished installing, click "Activate plugin."

Now the the plugin is activated, you will see Sellbrite as an option in your WordPress sidebar. Select "Sellbrite" to go to the connection page.

Lastly, click "Connect to Sellbrite."

You will be directed back to Sellbrite, where your WooCommerce account will be successfully connected.

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