Google Common Errors

Learn how to avoid and correct errors you receive when creating Google Shopping listings.

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1. "Please provide information in the "Age Group" field. This is a required field that must contain a value for the listing to be published. Examples: Toddler, Kids, Adult, etc."

This error gets returned because the "Age Group" field is a required field when listing in many of Google's categories. Most notable, this field is required when listing in the "Apparel" category.

To fix: Provide a value for this field, such as "toddler", "kids", "adult", etc.

2. "One or more of your other listings contain the same image and title as this one, but are not grouped as variations. If this listing is supposed to be a variation listing, please add variation attributes to it. Or, check your listings to make sure you do not have duplicates."

Google will return this error if they detect multiple non-variation listings containing the same image, title, and other product information.

To fix: Remove any duplicates from your Google Shopping account, or if your listings were meant to be variations, you will want to rebuild them as variations by mapping the product's variation attributes. Learn more, here.

3. "The 'Color' field contains too many characters. Google Shopping has a 40 character limit per variation color. If you are listing a single item, the 'Color' field can contain up to 100 characters."

This error will be returned the "Color" field in the "Category" section of your listing contains too many characters. For variation listings, each variation has a 40 character limit, whereas as single-item listings have a character limit of 100.

To fix: Reduce the number of characters used in the "Color" field.

4. "It looks like you haven't set up shipping costs for your products yet. To learn more about how to do this, check out:"

To set up shipping settings, you’ll configure a shipping service in Google Merchant Center. Shipping services can be associated with either all products or groups of products

To fix:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

  2. Click the tools icon , then select Shipping and returns under “Tools.” This will take you to the “Shipping services” tab.

  3. Click the plus button to create a shipping service.

5. "One or more of your item specific fields contains too many characters. Each field has a different maximum character amount. For example, the "Brand" field cannot contain more than 70 characters. Please correct this before republishing."

Google Shopping will return this error if one or more of your listings fields contains too many characters.

To fix: If your listing has templates applied to it and your fields are locked, you can remove the template, which will unlock your listing fields so that you can edit them. Or, you can change the product information that's being mapped by your templates and the listing will pick up these changes automatically.

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