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Learn how to create and publish variation listing your sales channels

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Creating variation listings is much like creating single-item listings. However, with channels like Walmart and eBay, you'll want to make sure that your variation information is being properly sent to these marketplaces.

To properly create variation listings, you need to start from the product itself, and confirm what the product's variation attributes are. In other words, what the product varies on. In the example below, you can see that this product varies on "size" and "color". These are the product's variation attributes, and this is the information you need to send to your marketplaces.

In order to communicate to a marketplace what your product varies on, you will need to use a Category Template. You can find your Category Templates by navigating to Settings > Templates & Recipes. Select the the desired marketplace and click "Add New Category Template."

You will need to provide all required information such as Tax Code, Category, etc. Once a category has been selected, toggle the "Advanced options" on. This will expand your template to show all of the available listing fields. Because this product varies on size, you will want to select the "Clothing Size" field, and map the variation attribute by clicking on the center dropdown and selecting "size". 

This product also varies on color, so we need to make sure that "color" is also mapped. As you can see in the screenshot below, the variation attribute "color" is mapped to the Walmart "Color" field.

With the Category Template ready, you can now apply this template to your listing, or multiple listings at once. From the Listings Manager page, select your variation listings, and click "Apply Template." 

Once applied, you can navigate to the category tab of your listing(s), and find that the clothing size and color have been added. 

If the rest of the listing information is provided, then you can go ahead and publish your variation listing!

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