Google Shopping Actions allows customers to see and buy goods from you on Google platforms. It's important to note that Google Shopping Actions is different than Shopping Ads, which simply advertises your products across Google. You can think of Shopping Actions as a Google marketplace.

How to get started

From the Google for Retail homepage, select "Shopping Actions", then click "Get Started". This will take you to the Google Merchant Center, where you will fill out some basic seller info.

Next, you will need to choose your Google program. Select Shopping Actions.

Review your summary to confirm that Shopping Actions is in your order, then click "Create Account."

Once your account has been created, you will be logged into your Google Merchant Center dashboard. On the overview page there will be a pending task. To complete it, and finish setting up your Shopping Actions account, click "Continue."

To finish the setup, Google requires that you set shipping and return settings, tax information, etc. Once you have done this and agreed to the terms of service, you can review your storefront and request final validation from Google.

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