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Learn why the credit card you are using to sign up for Sellbrite is not being accepted.

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If you have entered your credit card information to subscribe to Sellbrite, you may have received the following error: "This transaction was declined. Please contact your bank or try a different card." 

This message most often appears due to Card Billing Location, Mismatched Data or Caching/DNS Issues.

Card Billing/Bank Location 

We cannot accept cards from Ghana, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or Ukraine. If your card/bank has a billing address in any of these locations, you will not be able to subscribe. Use an alternate card with an accepted location to subscribe. 

Mismatched Data

To avoid this error, verify that you have entered the data from your credit or debit card exactly as it appears on your card. The two most common incorrectly-entered items are the expiration date and the CVV number (Security Code). 

If you entered all of the data from your card exactly as it reads on the card, you will want to confirm with your bank or credit card company that the zip code, country, and state attached to your card matches what you are entering. 

Number Invalid Error (Caching/DNS Issues)

If you enter the credit card number itself incorrectly, you will see the following error: 

To resolve this, simply confirm the number on your credit card, and re-enter. 

If you continue to see this error, and are certain that the numbers are entered correctly, this may be a caching/DNS issue. In this event:

  • Open an incognito window in your browser and re-attempt to sign up. 

  • If the number is still not accepted in incognito mode, try again from a phone without WiFi, so that you can try from another ISP connection.

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