Editing Shopify Listings

Learn how to edit your Shopify listings from Sellbrite.

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NOTE: This article outlines how to edit and update Shopify listings for Sellbrite. If you are using Sellbrite for Shopify, click here. If you need to update your Shopify images, click here.


Editing Shopify Listings In Bulk

Sellbrite allows you to edit your Shopify Listings in bulk using Presets. Your presets can be found by navigating to Settings > Listing Presets. From this page, click "Add Preset", or edit an existing one.

Your Shopify Preset is made up of 4 sections, which allow you to update the following:

Title & Description

Out of Stock purchases (enabled or disabled)

Pricing and tax

Website SEO (Page Title & Meta Description)

Let's say you have updated your product descriptions or titles - your preset will "carry" these changes to your listing when the Preset is applied. Just make sure that your Title and Description attributes are mapped to the Title and Description fields.

Once your Preset is saved, navigate to the Shopify Listings Manager and select the listings you wish to update. Then, choose 'Apply Preset' from the dropdown at the top of the page.

This will apply any product data that is grabbed by that preset, like title, price, description, etc.

Now simply click "Publish" at the top of the page, and your bulk edits will go live.

Editing Shopify Listings Individually

If you only need to make a few changes to a handful of Shopify listings, you can do so individually. Navigate to your Shopify Listings Manager and open a listing you want to update. 

Edit the details you want to update then click "Save & Publish."


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