Q: Can I use Sellbrite to list my products onto Jet?

A: Yes! Learn more about listing products to Jet here.


Q: Does Sellbrite support variation listings for Jet?

A: Yes, Sellbrite does support inventory management for Jet variation listings and allows you to publish variation listings to Jet.


Q: I built products from my Jet listings; why are they missing quantities?

A: If you chose to build products from your Jet listings and your products are missing their quantities, chances are a step was missed when connecting your Jet account to Sellbrite. Luckily, all you need to do is map your Jet Fulfillment Nodes to your Sellbrite Warehouse locations, and run another import! 

Learn how to map your Jet Fulfillment Nodes to your Sellbrite Warehouse locations here


Q: Can I process and manage my Jet orders in Sellbrite?

A: Yes! Sellbrite allows you to ship, cancel, refund and process returns for your Jet Order items.

Learn more about managing Jet orders here.


Q: Can I delete my Jet listings? 

A: Jet only allows listings to be archived, rather than deleted. You must do this in Jet directly.


Q: Can I re-use a SKU for an archived listing?

A: No. Once a SKU on Jet is archived, that SKU is “locked” and not allowed to be reused. You'll want to ask Jet to either reactivate or completely delete any SKUs that are currently archived. Until some action is taken, you won't be able to create new listings in Sellbrite for any archived SKUs. 

We suggest reaching out to the Jet team to address archived listings or SKUs: partner@jet.com  

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