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Defining Walmart listing statuses: Processing, Unpublished, and Retired
Defining Walmart listing statuses: Processing, Unpublished, and Retired

Learn about the different states of Walmart listings.

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If you're new to Walmart, you may notice a few extra tabs in your Walmart Listings Manager. If you haven't already, you'll want to familiarize yourself with these different listing states and how listings find their way into each one.



Unlike most other sales channels, Walmart listings won't necessarily publish right away. Typically your listings will enter a (temporary) processing state. Listings can remain in this state for up to 24-48 hours while Walmart sets up the item in their catalog.



You may notice that your listings move from "Active" to an "Unpublished" state. This is determined entirely by Walmart, not Sellbrite. More often than not, listings are unpublished due to price sensitivity. If Walmart finds a listing to not be priced competitively enough, they will automatically unpublish the item(s). If you're unsure if why your listings have been unpublished, you can download an Item Report to learn why.



Sellbrite's integration with Walmart allows you to end your listings directly from Sellbrite. However, Walmart refers to these listings as being "Retired". You should retire an item only when you want to stop offering the item completely. Here are some things to know about retired listings:

  • It can take 24-48 hours before it is completely deactivated and unpublished from the site.

  • If a listing reaches a quantity of 0, it won't move into a retired state, rather it will just be unavailable for purchase.

  • Retired items are not displayed on, but their data stays intact within their system.

  • You can't reuse the SKU or Product ID from a retired item. If you need to change the SKU or Product ID, refer to Walmart's How to Update an Item's SKU or How to Update an Item's Product ID articles.

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