Like every channel, Sellbrite allows you to manage your Jet connection from a channel settings page. From your Jet channel settings, options like Inventory Sync can be enabled and Jet Fulfillment Nodes can be mapped to Sellbrite Warehouse Locations.

Managing your Jet channel settings is super simple!

Click on the Listings Tab > Add/Manage Channels > Click the Gear icon beside Jet to access your Jet channel settings.


  • Account Nickname: Here, you can change the name of your Jet channel as it appears in Sellbrite.
  • Jet API User: Your Jet API User key from your connected Jet channel.
  • Jet API Secret: Your Jet API Secret key from your connected Jet channel.
  • Status: Your Status should always say "Connected" once your Jet channel is connected. You can always test the connection of the channel, using the "Test Connection" button.



WARNING: Price Sync should NOT be turned on if you've just connected Jet and have not yet imported any listings from your Jet account.

  • Price Sync: Price sync, once activated, allows Sellbrite to keep your Jet listing prices in sync with the Prices entered for your linked Sellbrite Products.
  • Pricing Rules: Pricing rules are a simple way to add a markup or markdown to your Jet listings and/or automatically round up your Jet listing prices to the nearest dollar.

Learn more about Price Sync here.



WARNING: Inventory Sync should NOT be turned on if you've just connected Jet and have not yet imported any listings from your Jet account.

  • Inventory Sync: Inventory sync is one of the most powerful features in Sellbrite. Once activated, Sellbrite checks your Listings every 15 minutes to see if they need to be updated.
  • Inventory Rules: Inventory Rules are a simple way to control what quantities are sent to a channel, both at the time of initial listing, and as a rule for your automatic inventory sync, which happens every 15 minutes to help prevent you from overselling. You can currently create one Rule per channel account and you can choose to list a percentage of your available inventory, a maximum quantity, or a minimum.
  • Warehouse Location Mapping: Sellbrite, like Jet, allows for multiple warehouse locations for your inventory. If you store inventory for each product in multiple warehouses, you can update and manage each location’s quantity separately. From here, you can map your Jet Fulfillment Nodes to your Sellbrite Warehouse Locations. When a Jet Fulfillment Node is mapped to a Sellbrite Warehouse Location and Inventory Sync is turned ON, Sellbrite will update each fulfillment node in Jet with the inventory from the mapped Sellbrite Warehouse Location. 

Learn more about mapping your Jet fulfillment nodes to Sellbrite Warehouse locations here.

Learn more about Inventory Sync here.

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