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How do I schedule eBay listings?
How do I schedule eBay listings?

Learn how to schedule your Draft eBay listings to go live at some future date and time.

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eBay listings can be scheduled to go live at a future date and time by enabling the Scheduled option in the listings details.

Here's how to enable the Scheduled option:

On the Edit Listing Page

The Scheduled option can be enabled on the Edit Listing page for any Draft listing. Simply click on the listing from the Drafts tab of the Listing Manager. Once on the Edit Listing page, click the toggle to enable the Scheduled option, then choose a date and time the listing should go live.


Scheduled Tab

Once your listings are scheduled and published to eBay, you will find them on the Scheduled tab on the eBay Listing Manager. The Start Date column will display the start date and time you chose.

When your listings go live, they will move to the Active tab.

NOTE: this may take up to 15 minutes after going live to happen.

At this time, listings may only be scheduled one at a time. We will be adding bulk scheduling features soon.

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