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Export your Orders from Sellbrite into a Spreadsheet
Export your Orders from Sellbrite into a Spreadsheet

Learn how to create a CSV file of orders in Sellbrite.

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If you need a spreadsheet that includes your order information, including the channel, order number, products purchased, customer information, and more, you can export that data directly from Sellbrite.

Then, enter the date range of the period you'd like to download.

Once the export has completed, you can download the file directly from the envelope icon at the top right of the app, or from the email notification that's sent out when the export is complete.

Data columns that are included in the order export file:

  • Order ID (Sellbrite)

  • Order Date

  • Order Status

  • Channel

  • Channel Nickname

  • Channel Order ID

  • Paid Date

  • Shipped Date

  • Canceled Date

  • Currency

  • Subtotal

  • Shipping

  • Tax

  • Discount

  • Total

  • Shipping Method

  • LineItem Number

  • LineItem SKU

  • LineItem Name

  • LineItem Quantity

  • LineItem Fulfilled (Qty)

  • LineItem Price

  • LineItem Subtotal

  • Billing Name

  • Billing Street

  • Billing Address 1

  • Billing Address 2

  • Billing Company

  • Billing City

  • Billing Zip

  • Billing Province

  • Billing Country

  • Billing Phone

  • Billing Email

  • Shipping Name

  • Shipping Street

  • Shipping Address 1

  • Shipping Address 2

  • Shipping Company

  • Shipping City

  • Shipping Zip

  • Shipping Province

  • Shipping Country

  • Shipping Phone

  • Shipping Email

  • Notes (internal)

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