When using Sellbrite's Template functionality, you will want to be familiar with the concept of mapping product attributes and how that differs from using fixed values.

Looking at the screenshot of a Category Template below, you can see the option to map product attributes in the column on the left, and the option to use a fixed attribute on the right.

Mapping Attributes

First, let's take a look at a product page to get an idea of which product attributes can be mapped using your Templates. For example, let's use the "Brand" product attribute.

This product's Brand value is "Briteseller." Templates allow you to place this value into various listing fields. Listing fields will vary depending on the channel you are selling on and the channel's category that you are selling within.

In the example below, we are mapping the Product Attribute "Brand" to the "Brand" listing field in a Google Shopping Category Template.

By mapping the "Brand" Product Attribute to the "Brand" listing field, we are telling this Template to pull the value from your product and place it in your listing. If this Template is applied to multiple listings, the "Brand" field will be filled with unique values if the products you sell are made by different brands.

It's not uncommon for there to be required listing fields that are not represented in your product information. Listing fields like "Age Group" or "Size Type" aren't found in your product information. For these fields, you can create Custom Product Attributes, or fill out these fields manually when creating your listings. You can also store fixed values in your Templates.

Storing Fixed Values

Instead of mapping attributes, Templates can also be configured to store fixed values for listing fields.

For example, if you sell only your own brand of products, you can simply add your brand in the right-hand column of your Category Template instead of mapping to a product attribute.

This will use the same value for all listings that are created using this Template. This is recommended for any listing field that you know will always contain the same value.

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