NOTE: Editing listings will vary depending on whether a Listing Preset / Template & Recipe was used. To manage your listings, go to the Listings tab, and select the sales channel from the dropdown.

From the Listings Manager, you will see a list of all listings grouped into tabs by their status.


Edit Listings Individually

If you only want to make a few changes to a handful of listings or less, individually editing your listings maybe the route for you. This process allows you to be much more selective about the changes you make to your listings.

1. Click on the listing title to go to the Edit Listing page.

2. You can make any necessary changes to your listing.

3. Save & Publish the changes.


Edit Listings with Templates & Recipes

Templates & Recipes makes editing listing much more automated and smoother. Listing Templates lets you keep your eBay listing in sync with data from your Product.

If you already have Listing Templates applied to your listings, any data that is edited in your Products will automatically update to your live listings.

If you do not have Listing Templates applied to your listings, you will first need to create and/or apply them.

For more information on how to create and/or apply Templates & Recipes, click here.

Also, whenever a template has been edited, the changes from the template will also automatically update the listings with the edited changes.


Edit Listings with Presets

Listing presets will update your listings with data from your Products as well as refresh your listings with any of the data in your Listing Preset.

This tool also allows you to update draft and live listings.

Note: When making edits to a Product, the edited data will not automatically transfer into the linked listing. Rather, you would need to use a Listing Preset to help carry the edited data over. This can be done for individual listings or in bulk.

1. Make your changes

Either make your changes to your Product data or to the Listing Presets.

For more information on how to make changes to your Product data, click here.

For more information on Listing Presets, click here.

2. Apply a Listing Preset to the linked listing(s).

The edited product data should then be carried into the listing.

Your listings will change to "Edited", which means the data has been applied, but hasn't been published live to the channel.

3. Save & Publish the changes.

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