Relisting your Ended / Out of Stock listings is an important part of keeping your multichannel business running.

Below are the ways to relist your ended/out of stock listings, depending on the sales channel:


Amazon listings don't technically end, they just go 'Out of Stock'. Unless you archive a listing, which is something different altogether.

Once you receive new inventory for a product, any Amazon listings linked to it will automatically reactivate. It's super simple.



eBay listings end frequently. To relist an 'Ended' eBay listing, simply find the listing in the Ended tab of your Listing Manager, select it and click 'Relist'. You'll be given the option to automatically relist the item or make changes first. You may need to first add inventory quantities back to the listing.



Etsy listings can have 2 different statuses that result in your listing not being visible for purchase: 'Inactive' and 'Expired'.


An Etsy listing will become 'Inactive' if the last remaining quantity of an item is sold on another sales channel, or if you manually removed inventory quantities directly in Sellbrite.

If you purposefully deactivated your Etsy listing, you can click 'Activate' to make your listing visible once again.

Sold Out

Sold Out listings are ones that have actually ended on Etsy. Like 'Inactive' listings, you'll need to 'Renew' these listings from Sellbrite after you replenished your inventory quantities.

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