There are 3 different Listing Templates for Jet. They allow you to save a majority of your category-based settings, to increase the speed and efficiency of Jet listing management.

Category Template

The Category template allows you to select a category into which you commonly list on Jet, and save the settings for that category so they don't need to be re-entered over and over again.

NOTE: Toggle the "Advanced Options" button On to see all of the available setting options. The default only displays the required fields.

The first section of the category template allows you to select a Jet Category.

Locate your Jet category in one of two ways:

1. Click 'Search categories' which allow you to search by typing a category name


2. Click 'Browse categories' which will open a category tree that can be drilled into

One of the most powerful features is the ability to map your Category Specifics in advance. Here you'll see all of the Category Specifics for the category you selected.

If the products in this category include variations, make sure to map the Variation Attributes in the center drop-down to the variation Category Specific of your choice. This will tell Jet what your listing varies on when you apply the category template to the listing.

For example, you can map the Variation Attribute option of "Color" to the Category Specific called "Color." You can locate all of your variation attributes toward the bottom of the drop-down in the "Variation Attributes" section.

If you forget to map the variation attribute, and attempt to list a variation product to Jet, your products may be listed as individual listings and not a variation (family) listing.

Any Custom Attributes you've created for your products will be visible in the drop-down under the "Custom Attributes" section, and can be mapped to the category specific fields.


Title & Description Template

The Title & Description Template allows you to configure your Jet listing title, subtitle, and description, so they can be populated dynamically when you create or update your listings.

The Jet Title field is populated by default with dynamic tag for Name, which pulls the name of the product into the field.

In the template below, we've built a formula for the listing title based on Product Tags from Inventory: "Name" - "Brand" "MPN". When applied to a product, this would result in a title like this:

"Bamboo 2-in-1 Fine & Flea Dog Combs with Travel Case - Bamboo 810191"

The Description field is a commonly customized field for Jet. Sellbrite offers a few customization methods, depending on the level of sophistication you wish to achieve:

  • You can maintain a simple text field (which is the default setting) by simply leaving the Description tag as-is. This will dynamically pull the product description into the listing description box when this template is applied to your listing.
  • To add some styling and other product attribute information, click the "Basic HTML Editor" button to open the editor tool. It works similarly to Microsoft Word, in that you can add plain text and/or dynamic product attribute tags, formatting, bold, paragraph spacing, etc, and not worry about having to be able to "write code." Sellbrite will convert your layout to HTML for you.
  • If you have an existing HTML template you wish to use, clicking 'Source' within the HTML Editor allows you to paste your HTML code, into which you can insert the Product Tags you wish to use (click the "insert tags" button on the top right of the editor).

Jet also allows 5 product feature bullet points to help you better convey to buyers the description of the products you're listing.

You can map the Sellbrite product's Feature bullet values into the Jet Bullet 1-5 fields in the center drop-down menu, or simply enter a static value in the column on the right (you cannot use both).


Pricing Template

The Pricing Template allow you to configure your price settings for all of your listings.

It includes the same Pricing Rules you can employ on your global Channel Settings pages, except that a Template gives you the flexibility to apply Pricing Rules to individual listings, rather than all of the listings within the channel.

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