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Why Am I Overselling on Amazon?
Why Am I Overselling on Amazon?

Learn about ghost listings, and how to avoid them.

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If you have oversold merchant fulfilled items in Amazon and you are not sure why, it's very possible that you have ghost listings 👻.


What is a ghost listing and what causes them?

A ghost listing is a duplicate listing that is not visible in your Amazon Seller Central, however, it is visible to buyers in the Amazon marketplace.

Ghost listings can occur if a listing was originally imported into Sellbrite as an FBM (merchant fulfilled) listing, then later changed to FBA directly in Amazon. Because this change was made outside of Sellbrite, our system is unaware that the fulfillment type has changed, so Sellbrite continues to push merchant fulfilled quantities to a listing that no longer exists. As a result, Amazon creates a "ghost" listing page for these quantities.


How do I prevent ghost listings?

To prevent ghost listings, you simply need to make sure that anytime you're sending inventory to an FBA warehouse, you convert the fulfillment type in Sellbrite, NOT in Amazon.

Converting your listing's fulfillment type from Sellbrite is quick and easy. If you're converting a single listing, you'll find the fulfillment type field under the "Listing Details" of the Edit Listing page:

If you need to convert multiple listings at a time, You can do so from the Amazon Listings Manager by selecting the listings you wish to convert and clicking the "Bulk Edit" button, which will allow you to change your fulfillment type.

If you've oversold your listings and think you have ghost listings affecting your account, we recommend contacting Sellbrite's Support team to assist you in diagnosing the issue and how to best resolve it. Just submit a ticket using the purple icon in the lower right hand corner while logged in.

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