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Organize Products with Categories & Tags
Organize Products with Categories & Tags

Learn how to create and organize your products and listings using Sellbrite's Categories and Tags.

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Product categories are used to better organize your products within Sellbrite. They are meant to easily select products for editing, listing, and managing inventory.

Categories can be assigned to Products either directly in Sellbrite or through a Product CSV Spreadsheet.

From Sellbrite's Settings

  • Click Settings > Application Settings > Product Categories

  • Enter the new Sellbrite category name

  • Click Add

From Sellbrite's Product Catalog

  • Click Products Tab > All Products. 

  • Select the product(s) you want to categorize 

  • Select the Categorize drop down 

  • Select New Category

  • Enter your category name

  • Click Enter when finished


From a Spreadsheet

  • Begin with a Product CSV Spreadsheet

  • Fill out the Category Name column on the spreadsheet

  • Save the spreadsheet and import it to Sellbrite

  • Click here for more information on importing spreadsheets

  • Make sure to select the checkbox option to "Create New Categories from File", before starting the import

While this is optional, it's recommended to create categories. Doing so will make it easier to select Products for listing and reporting.

It is best to be specific, such as using the channel categories in which you list your products.

For example: If you sell children shoes, "Shoes" would not be the ideal category name. Something like "Baby Shoes" or "Toddler Shoes" would be a better option.


Tags in Sellbrite are also for internal use, to better organize products and listings within Sellbrite. They are also used to group products together for bulk editing; managing inventory; identifying similar products for listing purposes, and overall organization of your Products and Inventory.

In additional to organizing your products for listings, Product Tags will pass through the associated listings. When a Product Tag is assigned to a product, that tag gets passed to the listing linked to that product. Making it easier to organize and manipulate a set of listings in bulk.

For instance, if you group your listings together with Product Tags, then you can apply Listing Presets or Listing Templates and Recipes to the tagged group. When you need to change listing presets or listing Templates and Recipes on existing listings, then using Product Tags to do so for a group of listings make that task much more manageable.

There are two ways to add and assign Product Tags in Sellbrite.

Assigning Tags Individually

  • Go to Products > All Products

  • Find the product you wish to add tag(s) to. 

  • Click on the product name to take you to the edit product page.

  • Add your tags in the Product Details section located on left hand side of the page. Be sure to save your changes when finished.


Assigning Tags in Bulk

  • Go to Products tab > All Products 

  • Select the products you wish to add tag(s) to. 

  • Click the "Add Tags" button at the top of the page. 

  • Here you can either create a new tag or add an existing tag(s). 

  • Click "Add Tag" to save the changes.

NOTE: Product tags are unable to be deleted in the Sellbrite application. If you wish to have your tags deleted, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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