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Sellbrite helps you manage your live sales channel listings. eBay listings can be accessed from directly within Sellbrite, allowing you to make the changes or updates necessary without ever having log back into your eBay account.


Editing eBay Listings In Bulk

Editing your eBay listings in bulk is a major timesaver. Listing Templates let you keep your eBay listings in sync with data from your product catalog.

If you already have Listing Templates applied to your eBay listings, any data that you edit in your Inventory will automatically update on your live listings. You won't have to do anything! If you do not have Listing Templates applied to your eBay listings, you will first need to apply them.

Applying a Listing Template to an existing listing is very straightforward. There are multiple Templates for your eBay channel, allowing you to apply settings for Title & Description, Category, Pricing, Shipping, and Payment/Returns as you see fit.

Let's look at a few scenarios for when applying a Listing Template would save you lots of time on eBay:

  • You want to update a pricing rule for select eBay listings.
  • You have changed your product descriptions or various features in Sellbrite and want them to update on eBay.
  • You have updated shipping options.
  • Your custom template has changed and you need to reapply it.

Say all of these are true, and you want to do a complete overhaul of your listings on eBay!

Go to your eBay Listings Manager and select the listings you wish to update. Then, choose 'Apply Template/Recipe' from the dropdown at the top of the page.

You'll see all of your eBay Templates and Recipes in this dropdown menu. Choose the Template you want to apply to these listings.

Now simply click "Publish" at the top of the page, and your Templates will be applied.


Editing eBay Listings Individually

If you only want to make a few changes to a handful of eBay listings or less, individually editing your listings may be the route you might want to take over editing your listings in bulk. This process allows you to be much more selective about the changes you make to your listings.

To edit listings individually, simply go to the Channels page and go to your eBay channel. In the Listings Manager, you'll see all of your listings grouped into tabs by their status.

Edit the details of any listing by clicking the Listing Title. This will take you to the Edit Listing page.

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