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Learn about and how to use Etsy Listing Templates.

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There are 4 different Listing Templates for Etsy. They allow you to save a majority of your category-based settings, to increase the efficiency of listing to Etsy.

Category Template

The Category template allows you to select a category into which you commonly list on Etsy, and save the settings for that category so they don't need to be re-entered over and over again.

Note: Toggle the "Advanced Options" button On to see all of the available setting options. The default only displays the required fields.

The first section of the Category Template, "About These Items", allows you identify what type of items you're selling, with Etsy's 3 listing identifiers:

  • Who Made These Items?

  • What Are They?

  • When Were They Made?

If you sell items that differ in the "About" section, you can create different Category Templates.

The second section of the Category Template, "Etsy Primary Category", allows you to select the primary category for the template.

Your Etsy Primary Category can be located in two ways:

1. Clicking 'Search categories' will allow you to search by typing a category full or partial name.

2. Clicking 'Browse categories' will open a category tree that can be drilled into.

One of the most powerful features of the Etsy Category Template is the ability to assign Etsy Shop Sections, Tags, Materials, Recipient and Occasion for items in a Category.


Title & Description Template

Title & Description Templates allow you to configure your Etsy listing title and descriptions, so they can be populated dynamically when you create or update your listings.

The Etsy Title field is populated by default with the Product Tag for Name, which pulls the product name of your inventory item.

In the template below, we've built a formula for the listing title based on Product Tags from Inventory: "Name" - "Brand" "MPN". When applied to a product, this would result in a title like this: "Bamboo 2-in-1 Fine & Flea Dog Combs with Travel Case - Bamboo 810191"

The Description field is also populated by default with the Product Tag for Description, which pulls the product description of your inventory item.

You can of course edit your description in the same manner we built a formula for the listing title.

Pricing Template

Pricing Templates allow you to configure your price settings for all of your listings.

Pricing Templates include the same Pricing Rules you can employ on your Channel Settings pages, except that a Template gives you the flexibility to apply Pricing Rules to specific listings, rather than all of the listings on your entire channel.

Shipping Template

The Shipping Template for Etsy allows you to set the shipping profile you want to offer on select groups of listings. You can also add your Etsy return policies using this Template.

Both Shipping Profiles and return policies can only be created in Etsy and imported into Sellbrite. If you don't see a newly created Shipping profile or return policy in your template, click "Refresh profiles" or "Refresh return policies" buttons and Sellbrite will import them.

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