Create Custom Attributes

Learn how to create and apply custom attributes to your products in Sellbrite.

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Custom Product Attributes allow you to add additional item-specific data to a Sellbrite product.

To create Custom Attributes, click Settings > Custom Product Attributes

Here, create the attribute by simply typing in the attribute name and clicking '+ Add'.

This page is only for creating the Attribute name (i.e. Style). You will populate the actual values within each individual product or in bulk via CSV.

Custom Attributes are case-sensitive, so be careful with your Capitalization.

Within each individual product, Custom Attributes are hidden until you add a value.

To add a value, go to your Edit Product page for the item you wish to update, then navigate to the Custom Attributes tab.

Select your attribute from the dropdown, and enter a value.


Special Uses

Custom Attributes can be leveraged to store additional data beyond simply item specifics. Here are a list of uses for Custom Attributes to better merchandise your listings and manage your data:

  • Secondary category field for easier CSV management.

  • A notes field for any purpose (inventory, product line, supplier note, etc.)

  • Additional condition notes for your team

  • Designated fields for return policy, shipping policy, etc. for inserting into in dynamic descriptions

  • Channel-specific listing titles

  • Hosted image URLs for inserting additional product images into your description

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