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End or Delete Listings from Sellbrite
End or Delete Listings from Sellbrite

Learn how to end and delete your listings from Sellbrite.

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Delete Listings from Sellbrite

Deleting listings in Sellbrite will NOT remove them from the sales channel. This will only delete the listing within Sellbrite.

To delete a listing, navigate to the Listing Manager page for the channel you want to the delete your listing from. From this page, you can delete your Listings in bulk by selecting the checkbox to the left of each Listing and click "Delete". You can also delete a Listing directly from the Edit Listing page.

End Listings from Sellbrite

It's important to note that not all sales channels will allow you to end your listings directly from Sellbrite. Additionally, each marketplace uses their own term to define an "ended" listing. For example, Walmart refers to these listings as being "Retired". The following channels will allow you end your listings From Sellbrite:

  • Walmart (retire)

  • eBay (end)

  • Etsy (deactivate)

Let's use Walmart as an example. To retire a Walmart listing, open the Edit Listing page for the listing you wish to end. Simply click on the "Retire" button to retire the listing. That's it!

NOTE: As long as you have no open orders for an ended listing, you can delete it. However, we do not recommend deleting any ended listings, since the listing is a historical link between an order and the Product sold. If you were ever to have a question about an old order, it would be hard for our team to help you without this information.

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